Timothy Dart Ltd. Little Resparveth Farm, Grampound Rd, TR2 4EF.  Telephone: 01726 884456




Having deployed renewable energy technologies on his own farm, and managing a successful renewable energy development business for the last four years, Tim is well placed to provide independent advice and support. He is not linked to any manufacturer or installer on the wide range of renewable technologies available today.  


Tim has experience and knowledge of facilitating the development and project managing the installation of:


• Solar Electric

• Wind Turbines

• Hydro Electric

• Anaerobic Digestion

• Renewable Heat

• Ground source

• Biomass

• Solar thermal

• Air source




Advice and guidance on all aspects of renewable technology is available, including:


• Selection of appropriate technology for your personal     circumstances

• Guidance on the appropriate scale

• Planning guidance

• Sourcing finance

• Grid connection

• Other permissions and consents that may be required.


Recent successes include the installation of a number of solar arrays ranging from 4 kw to 50kw of solar electric panels and a number of mid size wind turbines. Currently Tim is working on over 50 wind turbine sites across the county ranging from small scale 11 kw machines to 1 Mw machines.